15 Signs of When to Remove a Tree

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We’ve all felt the feeling of having a splinter stuck in our hand or foot. It’s irritating and, for its size, it’s actually quite painful. You wouldn’t think twice when removing a splinter – it’s pretty much the first thing you’d want to do.

Removing a tree is actually quite similar. A tree can cause you a lot of grief and worry, if you think it’s dangerous and going to fall, or if it’s dying. If you’ve been thinking about removing a tree on your property, then here are 15 signs that it’s time for it to go!

1) It’s dying

A dying tree is always a hazard and an eyesore. The leaves aren’t growing back and it would be better to put it out of its misery by removing it.

2) It’s dead

A completely dead tree is basically a waste of space. It’s not breathing any oxygen back into the air, so it’s time for it to be removed.

3) It looks like it’s about to topple over any minute

A tree that has a significant lean is always concerning, especially if it leans in the direction of your house. Time for the chop.

4) It’s infested

A tree that’s infested with insects, pests or disease may not be able to be treated, so removal is the best option. This prevents the spread of infestation to other plants.

5) It’s been damaged by a storm

Storm-damaged trees are often dangerous and should be removed.

6) It’s decaying

A qualified arborist may be able to prevent further decay to your tree, but sometimes it’s beyond repair and needs removal.

7) The roots may cause damage to your property

Root systems can cause structural damage to your property.

8) Telephone lines

If a tree is dangerously close to telephone lines, it’s best to get it removed or trimmed right down.

9) Blocking views

What’s a million-dollar-view worth if a tree is blocking it? Remove it today!

10)Shedding leaves or sap

Trees that shed leaves or leak sap are a constant hassle. You’ve got to be wary of where you park your car, as sap can destroy its paint. Removing the tree prevents this from happening.

11) Crowding

If there are too many trees in one tight space, they’ll start competing for water and nutrients, leading to deficiencies.

12) It’s overgrown

The sky’s the limit, but not when it comes to trees. Trees that are dangerously tall should be removed.

13) Lightning presents a hazard

Summer storms are incredibly dangerous if you’ve got tall, dry trees.

14) Cracks in the trunk

Trunk cracks mean that the tree is seriously structurally compromised and should be removed before it causes damage.

15) When an expert advises you to remove it

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