3 Reasons You Need a Tree Surgeon to Remove a Tree

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Difficult, dangerous and large tree removals should not be handled by any old tree removal company. These are situations where you should call in an expert tree surgeon like Heritage Tree Surgeons. Only expert tree surgeons have highly qualified and experienced staff who have all the necessary equipment to safely and efficiently complete any job. Here are some situations where you might need the added expertise of an expert tree surgeon.

1. Large trees

The tree removal industry in Australia defines large trees as anything above 20 metres in height.

While removing a small tree (up to 10 metres) or a medium tree (10 to 20 metres) can sometimes be relatively straightforward, safely removing a large tree requires a lot more planning, equipment and expertise. Having an amateur try and remove a large tree is asking for trouble. Only a specialist tree surgeon should be used for such jobs to ensure the safety of all involved in the tree removal and any surrounding people, land or buildings. Having an expert tree surgeon remove a large tree will also mean less destruction to the surrounding environment, helping ensure a healthier local ecosystem.
Large tree removals also require the removal or more waste and – if required – the removal of a much larger stump, which not all companies can facilitate.

2. Dangerous trees

A tree doesn’t have to be large to be considered dangerous. Trees which are showing signs of rotting, have leaning trunks or have splitting limbs or broken branches could all be considered dangerous. Trees which have large limbs or branches overhanging a house, garage, shed or other building, road or footpath could also be a danger to property or life. Severely storm damaged trees could also be dangerous. Any dangerous tree should be removed at the earliest opportunity.

The best way to ensure the safety of property and people while removing a tree is to bring in an expert tree surgeon who has the expertise and tools to do the job right.

3. Difficult jobs

Some tree removal jobs can be a lot harder than others. Tree removals in confined spaces are one of these types of jobs where you should call in an expert tree surgeon. Spaces that are difficult to access due to being close to buildings or other surrounding property that you do not want damaged will require a high level of experience, knowledge and the right equipment to safely cut down and remove the remains of the tree. Trees that have branches which are intertwined with or overhanging powerlines will also require the expertise of a qualified tree surgeon.

Why use Heritage Tree Surgeons?

At Heritage Tree Surgeons, we complete all types of tree services for Perth and surrounds.

However, our speciality is the removal of large trees, dangerous trees and difficult jobs in confined areas. We have the experience and equipment to complete any job safely and efficiently and are a fully insured operation.

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