7 Things You Should Know Before Having a Tree Removed

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Removing a tree on your property? If you’ve been thinking it over for a while, it’s probably the right move. Whether the tree is causing you grief by littering your property in leaves and needles, or whether it’s dying, there are a few solid reasons for having a tree removed. Before you call up your local arborist and give that tree the chop, here are seven things you should know before it comes down.

1) You should get approval if it’s required

Trees, even if they’re on your property, don’t technically belong to you. They belong to the community, because they serve everybody in the neighbourhood by converting carbon dioxide into oxygen. Councils often require approval before trees get cut down, especially with large, old gum trees and possibly some other natives.

2) Never do it yourself

Tree lopping is never a DIY job. OK, so maybe you’ve successfully removed a couple of leafy bushes around the property, but cutting down a tree is a completely different story. There are specific techniques you need to be trained in for safe tree removal. Leave it to a pro!

3) Stump removal is often a separate service

Tree removal and stump removal are often considered two separate services. When you look for a qualified arborist, make sure that they offer stump removal as well as tree removal.

4) If it’s dying, it may be able to be revived

If your concern is around a dying tree, and you immediately thought it needs to be removed, this may not be the case. Arborists can, in some cases, revive dying trees by pruning off dead branches and outlining a care routine. Don’t say goodbye to a tree you love if you don’t have to!

5) Tree risk assessments

A tree risk assessment can be done for the tree you’re concerned about; but only by a qualified evaluator. Tree risk assessments are often required to pass local guidelines around cutting trees down. Always hire a team of arborists that have their own qualified tree risk evaluator, like Heritage Tree Surgeons.

6) Wildlife could be affected

Wildlife is often affected when you remove a tree. That’s why it’s vital to ask what your arborist is going to do to counter the negative effects of removing a tree on your property. Heritage Tree Surgeons can install wildlife habitats for native possums and birds in a nearby tree before removing the current one.

7) Get a quote beforehand

Like with any service, it’s important to get a written quote before the job begins. Heritage Tree Surgeons are always happy to provide a written quote for clients. They’re Perth’s leading team of arborists, specialising in emergency tree removal, pruning, hedging, stump grinding and mulching. Their owner, Kieron, is a licensed tree risk assessor and can guide you through the obstacles of council approval. Contact Heritage Tree Surgeons for the best arborist service in Perth.