Should I Be Concerned About A Hole or Cavity In My Tree?

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Some tree cavities indicate that there’s a serious risk of your tree falling over. A hole in your tree can be a sign that its structural integrity is compromised and that even a strong gust of wind could send it toppling over. Before you get yourself in a frenzy, don’t panic: not all tree cavities imply that your tree is at risk of falling. Here are some tell-tale signs that your tree cavity is serious

How Do I Know If My Trees Are In Need Of Care?

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Tree colour is one of the main indicators of whether or not your tree is healthy. For most deciduous trees, or trees that shed their leaves annually, the leaves should be green in spring and summer, and yellow, orange of red in autumn. If your tree has a dead branch or two, it’s a sign that it needs care. Dead branches never grow back; instead, they invite insects and pests to make a home out of your tree, possibly damaging it further.

When Is The Best Time Of Year To Get Tree Work Done?

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The start of winter is generally the best time to get any tree work done. This is because autumn has just passed and your trees are dormant – the leaves have already fallen off and there’s less work to do in terms of cleaning up after pruning or tree removal. There are many reasons to get tree work done at the start of winter.