Why Should I Hire An Arborist

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One of the main reasons why people hire arborists is to inspect and remove a tree that’s a clear safety concern. If a large pine or gumtree is hanging over your roof, then there’s absolutely no harm in calling up an arborist to inspect the situation; in fact, the only harm lies in failing to do this. Don’t put your family at risk – hire an arborist!

What’s The Difference Between Stump Grinding And Stump Removal?

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Stump grinding is the quickest and easiest way of getting rid of an ugly or impractical stump in your backyard. In this method, your arborist will use a stump grinding machine to gnaw away at the stump, turning it into bark chips. Stump removal is a little more complex. Instead of grinding the stump down below ground level, stump removal involves the total removal of the stump and the roots too.

What’s Included In A Tree Removal Cost?

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Arborists might need to use increased safety measures in order to remove a tree. The equipment used should always be included in the quote, and never added on later as a cheeky little surprise for the client. The removal of the tree from your property should also be included in the cost of an arborist’s service. Otherwise, it’d be quite the stich up to pay for tree felling, and have to pay extra to get it chopped up and removed from your property.

Why Should You Choose A Professional Tree Removal Service?

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Cutting down a tree isn’t safe to do on your own. It involves heights, chainsaws and falling objects – a deadly combination if you go about tree felling the wrong way. There are specific techniques and equipment used to remove trees and, if you don’t have the training or equipment, it’s simply unsafe to do it yourself.

When Should You Remove A Tree From Your Garden?

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Dead or dying trees are not only an eyesore, but they no longer provide a service to the environment either. Removing a dead or dying tree from your garden creates a space to plant a new tree: one that will provide a service to the neighbour and environment by converting carbon dioxide into oxygen. Safety is the biggest concern when deciding to remove a tree from your garden. Trees can pose a threat to safety in many different ways.

7 Things You Should Know Before Having a Tree Removed

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Trees, even if they’re on your property, don’t technically belong to you. They belong to the community, because they serve everybody in the neighbourhood by converting carbon dioxide into oxygen. Councils often require approval before trees get cut down, especially with large, old gum trees and possibly some other natives. Tree lopping is never a DIY job. There are specific techniques you need to be trained in for safe tree removal.