Dangers of DIY Tree Removal

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Each year, thousands of Australians present to hospital emergency departments around the country after suffering accidents while completing DIY jobs around the home and garden. Sadly, some are not so lucky and never make it to the emergency department. The most common cause of injury when it comes to DIY jobs is falls, including from ladders. Working at heights always includes some risk – especially if you are not fitted out with all the necessary safety equipment and lack the expertise. Working at heights with sharp chainsaw adds another layer of risk. That is why tree removal should always be left to expert arborists and tree surgeons. You could save some money by cutting down a tree yourself – but it could also cost you a lot more, including your life.

The risks involved in DIY tree removal

There are many risks involved in DIY tree removal, including the following:

Personal Injury or Death

Without doubt the biggest risk in removing a tree yourself is personal injury or death. There are any number of ways that serious injuries can occur in the process of removing a tree, including from falls, chainsaw accidents and injuries suffered as a result of parts of the tree falling on top of you.

You might think a tree looks easy to climb, but often some seemingly sturdy branches can be weak and snap when just a little weight is put on them. Without the use of proper safety equipment, that could be very bad news.

Property Damage

Unless you a large property with open spaces, chances are the tree you want to remove will be around a building, shed, fence or other structure. Without having expert knowledge and the right equipment, you could cause serious – and costly – damage to surrounding structures and property if you attempt to cut down a tree yourself. It can be difficult to determine when or where a tree or a tree branch will land, especially when it comes to older and decaying trees. Only expert tree surgeons have the knowledge and tools to safely remove a tree – even in confided spaces – without causing damage to surrounding property.


Trees that are located anywhere near power lines should never be pruned or removed by anyone other than an expert tree surgeon. Removing a tree which has branches near or intertwined with power lines requires a lot of skill and the risk of electrocution is high.


Some local councils require specific approvals to remove a tree, even on your own property.

Failing to apply for such approvals can lead to hefty fines. Expert tree surgeons will be aware of local regulations and will act accordingly to gain approvals where required. An arborist could also determine it is not necessary to remove a tree and instead provide alternative measures to ensure it remains healthy and safe.

Expert tree removalists in Perth

If you were thinking of completing some DIY tree removal, think again. Tree removal can be highly dangerous and is best left to expert tree surgeons, like the team at Heritage Tree Surgeons.

We have all the right tools and equipment – including safety equipment – and are fully insured.

We service Perth and surrounds and can safely and efficiently complete jobs big and small.

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