How Do I Know If My Trees Are In Need Of Care?

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For most of us, our trees are an important part of the home. They add a special, personal touch to our home, they house wildlife and they perform one of the most important functions of all: converting CO2 into oxygen.

Given that they’re pretty important, we want to do all that we can to ensure that our trees are living their best tree lives. How do we know if they need a little TLC? The experts at Heritage Tree Surgeons give us some pointers on how to spot the signs that your tree needs care.

The colour of the leaves is a bit off

Tree colour is one of the main indicators of whether or not your tree is healthy. For most deciduous trees, or trees that shed their leaves annually, the leaves should be green in spring and summer, and yellow, orange of red in autumn. If your tree is showing yellow leaves in spring and summer, it could be some extra care from an arborist.

Dead branches

If your tree has a dead branch or two, it’s a sign that it needs care. Dead branches never grow back; instead, they invite insects and pests to make a home out of your tree, possibly damaging it further.

You can test whether a branch is dead or not by scraping the branch with your thumbnail. Living branches will be green underneath, and dead ones will show brown. You can also test the branches by gently bending them. Living branches will be supple and flexible, while dead branches will snap with increased pressure. If you’ve got a dead branch, call up an arborist and they’ll prune it in the correct fashion.

Not producing a sufficient amount of fruit

Fruit trees are often the pride and joy of many homeowners. Producing your own little form of community currency, there’s no better feeling than giving your friends, family and neighbours some homegrown fruit that’s been freshly harvested from your yard.

But if your fruit tree hasn’t been producing as much fruit this year, then it could be in need of some extra care. An arborist will set about pruning your tree so that it expends less energy on growing in size, and more on producing fruit.

Emergency tree removal signs

Those signs listed above are usually non-urgent, but if your tree is leaning, looks diseased or has decaying roots, then you’re likely in need of emergency tree removal.

For all types of tree care and emergency removal, contact the professionals at Heritage Tree Surgeons. They’re Perth’s #1 team for tree care, offering expertise in large tree removal, stump grinding and removal, pruning and anything else you can think of. Talk to the friendly team at Heritage Tree Surgeons and give your tree the care it deserves.