How Do I Remove a Tree From My Property?

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In Australia, we’re lucky to live in a country that has an abundance of trees. From the rainforests in Queensland to the tree-lined streets of Perth, there are beautiful trees wherever we go. But, sometimes, trees can be more of a hindrance or even a safety threat. If you need to get a tree removed from your property, there are certain measures you need to take – you can’t just go out in the yard and start lopping. The only way to remove a tree from your property is to consult a professional arborist.

Why hire an arborist to remove your tree?

There are plenty of reasons why arborists are the way to go if you’re planning to remove a tree from your property. Not only are they experts in the field, but they also have the right equipment and knowledge of your local council’s legislation on cutting down trees.

They’re professionals

Arborists are trained professionals in tree removal, who use correct techniques and mathematics to work out the safe way of removing a tree. There’s a lot more to removing a tree than you’d initially think. Arborists do calculations and implement measures that make the tree fall in a certain way, safely avoiding any damage to your property or personal injuries. It’d be pretty silly to skimp out on hiring an arborist, attempt the removal yourself and deeply regret it because the tree came crashing down on your veranda.

  • Correct equipment
    Tree removal requires a lot more than just a chainsaw. Your arborist has specialised equipment including chainsaws, hoists, pulleys, and safety gear to ensure that the tree is removed properly. In many instances, your arborists will need to be hoisted up to cut down branches when removing a tree. So, unless you have the right equipment (and no fear of extreme heights) you’ll probably have to go with an arborist.
  • Adhering to the rules
    While your property belongs to you, the trees on it belong to the community. This is because trees provide an important function to everyone in your local area, as well as wildlife and the environment. Different councils have different legislation around removing trees. They also have varying fines, ranging from $2000 to $50,000 depending on which council you live in across Australia. Arborists know the legislation of your local council and can guarantee that the tree is removed legally.

Removing a tree from your property isn’t something you do very often, and it’s something you want to get right… after all, you’ve only got one shot at it! That’s why it’s so important to hire the best arborists possible, which are the team at Heritage Tree Surgeons. Having removed countless trees in the local Perth area, they’re one of the city’s most experienced teams – with 20 years of arboriculture under their belt. Call up Perth’s Heritage Tree Surgeons today to remove your tree safely and legally.

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