How Do You Get a Tree Removed?

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Got a tree that’s causing you a bit of worry? Maybe it’s hanging precariously over your home, growing near power lines or generally looking like even a slight breeze could knock it over. Sounds like you need to get it removed! Unfortunately, unlike in the movies, you can’t just hook it up to your ute using a chain and try to pull it out of the ground. That’d be a good way to burn out your motor, anyway. The only way to safely get a tree removed is to hire a professional arboriculture service, who will legally be able to get rid of that tree.

Common reasons to remove a tree

There are plenty of valid reasons to remove a tree from your property.

Dead trees – if a tree is dead, it’s advisable that you get it removed. An easy way to tell if any plant is dead is the scratch test. This is where you pull back the outer layer of bark and look at the cambium layer of bark. If it’s brown and dry, it’s a sign that the tree is dead.

Sick trees – trees can become unhealthy or diseased, in which case it’s appropriate to remove them. Look for decay, dying branches and dead leaves to see if your tree is sick.

Leaning trees – leaning trees can pose a serious safety hazard. If a tree begins to lean, it could be a sign that the roots are dying and losing their strength. This could result in the tree falling over, so it’s best to remove this tree as soon as possible.

Why hire an arborist to remove your tree?

The best way to get a tree removed is to hire a professional arborist. Let’s find out why:

Proper training and experience

Arborists are trained professionals in tree removal, who use correct techniques and mathematics to work out the safe way of removing a tree.

Correct equipment

Unfortunately, you can’t just take to your tree with a hacksaw and hope for the best. Your arborist has specialised equipment such as chainsaws, hoists, pulleys, and safety gear to ensure that the tree is removed properly.

Navigating council rules

Different councils have different legislation around removing trees. They also have varying fines, ranging from $2000 to $50,000 depending on which council you live in across Australia. Arborists know the legislation of your local council and can guarantee that the tree is removed legally.

If you need a tree removed in Perth, the only way to go is to hire a quality, professional arborist. Heritage Tree Surgeons are one of Perth’s finest arboriculture services, helping you with trimming, hedge pruning, tree removal, stump grinding and more. As a team with over 20 years of experience, they deliver the best service at an affordable price. Call up Heritage Tree Surgeons for a quick quote today.


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