How Do You Know When Your Tree Needs To Be Removed?

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Most of us are very appreciative to live in a green, leafy suburb, surrounded by trees and nature. And while we love trees, sometimes they’re more hassle than what they’re worth. There are a bunch of reasons to remove a tree on your property; it could be due to presenting a hazard, extra work and care in cleaning up leaves and debris, or simply a matter of aesthetics. Here are some tell-tale signs that your tree needs to be removed, brought to you by the legends at Heritage Tree Surgeons.

The tree is dead or dying

A dead tree is better off being removed than left standing. There are a couple of signs that your tree is dying or dead, including branches with no leaves on them, strange colouring and stunted growth. Trees in this category may need removing by a professional arborist, although the tree may be able to be saved, so just make sure you get an expert’s opinion.

The roots are damaged

This one’s a little less obvious to notice because the tree’s roots are under the ground. Healthy roots are key to the stability of your tree, keeping it sturdy in the ground. When the roots are sick or damaged, the tree’s structural integrity is severely compromised, putting it at risk of falling. If your tree is tilting to one side and looks as though it’s going to fall at any minute, this is caused by root rot and your tree needs to be removed.

The roots are damaging your property

Contrary to the last point, sometimes roots can be a little too healthy… especially if the tree is close to your property. Large trees like gums and pines have extensive root networks and, when too close to your property, those roots can cause serious damage. Pipes and foundations are usually the first victims of overgrown root networks, presenting a costly fix. Removing a tree before this happens is the best way to avoid it.

They create debris

Trees are beautiful, but some of them are serial offenders in terms of litter and debris. Trees that shed leaves in pool areas and carports are constantly making extra work for you and life would be a lot easier without them. Trees that leak sap in vulnerable places should also be cut down; parking your car under a pine tree will lead to sap stains which eat away at your car’s paint.

The tree blocks a view

Got a beautiful view, but a tree is blocking it? Hiring an arborist to remove the tree will increase the value of your property.

Heritage Tree Surgeons are Perth’s leading team of arborists. Having conducted work on countless trees on residential and commercial properties in Perth, they’re happy to inspect your tree problem and go about solving it. Leaving a minimal footprint on the rest of your property, Heritage Tree Surgeons will make it seem as if the tree was never there in the first place.

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