How Much Does it Cost to Remove a Tree in Perth?

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We all love our trees, and we’re all grateful for the things they do for us and our environment. They’re literally one of the main reasons we can breathe in oxygen! But sometimes, trees can pose safety hazards, and they need to be safely removed. If you’ve got a tree on your Perth property that needs trimming or removing, you’ve probably got one main question on your mind: how much is it going to set me back? It’s an important question to ask – and the simple answer is, there’s no price on being safe.

General cost factors

Arborists in Perth weigh up a few things when assessing the cost of removing a tree. First and foremost, how big is the tree? If we’re talking about removing a bonsai plant (which you obviously wouldn’t do), it certainly won’t be in the same ballpark as removing a stonking great gum tree.

Next, the location of the tree. If your tree is in a tight spot, or close to power lines, this kind of work may be more difficult and more hazardous, and an additional cost may apply. It generally takes longer when there are additional safety precautions that have to be taken.

Other factors include stump removal, transportation and tipping fees, as well as council fees. The best way to get a good idea of tree removal cost is to call Perth’s best arborist service at Heritage Tree Surgeons. They’ll sort you out with a quote, quick-smart!

Cost of not removing a tree

There’s one thing that’s a lot costlier than removing a tree: and that’s the act of not removing it. Trees in hazardous positions generally get more and more expensive to remove. Let’s say you’ve got a tree that is growing near power lines. If you don’t remove it as soon as possible, it could cause a power outage or seriously jeopardise the safety of passers-by.

Another scenario that you want to avoid at all costs is delaying the removal of a tree that could fall in the trajectory of your house. As said before, there’s simply no price on being safe; especially when your safety or a family member’s safety is at stake. Even if a tree fell on your house and nobody was injured, it would still cost far more in terms of money and stress, when you consider repair bills, insurance issues and possibly finding other accommodation.

So, you can get the gist of what is being said here: removing a tree in Perth costs absolutely peanuts compared to the cost of not removing it. If you need a top-quality tree removal service, get in touch with Perth’s experts at Heritage Tree Surgeons. With over 20 years of experience in the field, they’re one of Perth’s best arborist teams, helping you out with removals, pruning, hedge trimming, mulching, stump grinding and more. Grab a quick quote from the team at Heritage Tree Surgeons today!


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