How Often Should I Get My Trees Cared For?

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We don’t know you personally, but we can bet that you’re the type of person who services their car once a year, on the dot, without fail. It’s a smart move – servicing your car is the only way to make sure you’re as safe as can be while on the road.

Getting your trees ‘serviced’ is the same. By getting your trees cared for, you’re ensuring they live a long life and that they don’t get out of hand. So, how often should tree maintenance be carried out? Let’s find out.

Types of trees

Different trees have different needs. Some plants, like cacti, are renowned for being hardy and low-maintenance. Others, like bonsai trees, require constant up-keep to ensure they live healthy lives.

  • Evergreens
    Because evergreens are constantly shedding branches, you rarely need to go out of your way to have them cared for. If they’re causing a hazard, however, it’s best to call up your arborist.
  • Fruit trees
    Fruit trees need pruning once a year. Pruning your fruit trees is essential to a higher fruit yield. Only get your fruit trees pruned during their dormant months.
  • Large gums and pines
    Large trees are also important to maintain. Given their size, they can present a hazard if they become unmanageably large, risking injury or damage to your property in the event of a storm. It’s best to get your gums and pines trimmed every few years so that they never get out of hand.
  • Oak trees
    We all love the charming look of an oak tree. And to keep up your oak tree’s beautiful appearance, you have to stick to a rigorous care routine. Oak trees like to be pruned ever two years in their younger stages of life, and every three to five years when they reach adulthood.

When to get tree maintenance

If you’re still unsure about how often to get your trees maintained, call up a professional at Heritage Tree Surgeons. Some reasons you might need tree maintenance include:

  • Trees posing a safety hazard
    If a tree is towering over your home and you’re concerned about it falling over during a storm, then it’s best to call up an arborist right away and have them prune it to a safe, manageable level.
  • Trees or hedges are getting out of hand
    If any plants on your property appear to be growing to the point where they’re unmanageable, call up an arborist from Heritage Trees Surgeons.

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