How To Know When A Tree Stump Removal Is Necessary

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Tree stumps look great in the movies. It’s where a cute family of animated possums call home, or where a farmer sits upon a hill and looks over his land. But in real life, they’re simply a pain. They’re a tripping hazard, they take up space and they can damage your home if they’re in close proximity to it. If you’re unsure whether your tree stump removal is necessary, we’ll explain why you should think about getting it done by a professional.

When you think it might be damaging your home

While they don’t look like much on the surface, below the ground, the large roots of tree stumps continue to wiggle around in the soil. This can lead to cracked and burst water pipes, or damaged pavement – a sign that your tree stump will often get the last laugh if not removed promptly. These kinds of repairs are incredibly expensive, so it’s best to pay to get the tree stumps removed before the big bills start rolling in!

When they pose a threat to your safety

Let’s not ignore the fact that tree stumps are a serious hazard. Tripping over them when they’re hidden by grass and weeds is a common way to sustain injuries: broken bones, sprained joints, back injuries… some of these injuries can affect people for life. They’re also a known destroyer of lawn mowers, when unsuspecting gardeners run over them and blunt the blade.

When they look ugly

In most cases, tree stumps ruin the carefully pruned garden on which you’ve worked so hard. Your flower bed looks absolutely immaculate, but what’s the point if there’s a dead lump of wood jutting out in the middle of it? When you remove that old tree stump, you can start planning how to add the finishing touches to your garden.

When they get in the way of other projects

If you’re planning on expanding your home, such as building a granny flat or an extension, then you’ll want to be removing that tree stump. It’s going to be impossible to work on the block if it’s still there.

When you want to plant another tree where the stump is

Planting another tree where the stump currently sits is a great way to give the community and the local fauna another plant – particularly if it’s a native one. But you can’t grow a tree where the stump is, or even in close proximity as the stump’s roots will compete for water and nutrients. You’ve got to get the stump removed first.

Removing a stump isn’t always necessary, but from an arborist’s point of view, it’s always recommended. Heritage Tree Surgeons are your local specialists in stump grinding and removal. They’ll make it look as if the stump was never there, leaving behind a minimal footprint. Grab a quote from Perth’s finest arborists at Heritage Tree Solutions and say goodbye to that stump.