Is There A Wrong Way And A Right Way To Prune Trees?

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Pruning a tree seems pretty straightforward, doesn’t it? You simply whip out the hedge trimmers or hacksaw and go your hardest, right?

Well, actually – no. Like most things that seem simple on the surface, there’s an art to pruning a tree. It’s just like the idea of brushing your teeth – though it seems easy, if you brush too hard, you could damage your gums, and if you miss a spot, you could be risking tooth decay.

So, here’s what the experts at Heritage Tree Surgeons have to say about the right and wrong ways of pruning a tree:

Common pruning mistakes

There are many mistakes to be made when pruning. That’s why we suggest leaving pruning to the experts, like qualified arborists. Here are a few easy mistakes to make when pruning a tree.

  • Using blunt tools
    Using dull tools won’t produce the clean cut necessary to maintain a healthy tree. All of the saws, loppers and hand shears which you use must be freshly sharpened before pruning. Always use shears with bypassing blades.
  • Using anvil blade pruners
    While anvil blade pruners are OK for dead branches, never use them on live branches. This is because they don’t leave a clean cut, and can actually crush the branch which causes tissue damage.
  • Failing to clean tools
    If you went in for surgery, you’d hope that the instruments used on you were cleaned properly since they were used on the last person, right? Same goes for cleaning tools before pruning! Failing to clean the tools before pruning can spread disease between trees.
  • Cutting the tree collar
    Cutting through a tree’s collar or removing it completely is a common mistake. Collars contain everything a tree needs to recover from the exposure of pruning. When cutting, it’s crucial to cut as close as you can to the collar without causing damage. Don’t leave any of the limb.
  • Not planning the cuts properly
    You can’t just go in with a pair of blades and cut willy-nilly when pruning a tree. Each cut has to be well-thought out and purposeful in the grand scheme of the pruning. In other words, you need to know exactly where to cut, when to cut and how to cut it.

The right way to prune a tree

The right way to prune a tree is quite simple: leave it to the professionals. Only a qualified arborist has the right tools, knowledge and disinfectants to ensure that your trees are pruned correctly. If you don’t want to risk harming your tree, then call up the team at Heritage Tree Surgeons.

The arborists at Heritage Tree Surgeons care deeply about each and every tree they prune. As Perth’s finest team for tree care, they offer expertise in large tree removal, stump grinding and removal, pruning and anything else you can think of. Talk to the friendly team at Heritage Tree Surgeons and grab a quote today.