Should I Be Concerned About A Hole or Cavity In My Tree?

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If there’s one thing you’ve noticed about cavities, it’s that they’re rarely good news:

A hole in the bedroom window after a game of backyard cricket got out of hand. A dental cavity that needs a filling. A hole in your favourite pair of boots.

None of these things are very much fun to deal with – and, sometimes, neither is a hole or cavity in your tree. In this post, the experts at Heritage Tree Surgeons outline when you should be concerned about a hole or cavity in your tree.

Tree cavities can indicate a serious hazard

Some tree cavities indicate that there’s a serious risk of your tree falling over. A hole in your tree can be a sign that its structural integrity is compromised and that even a strong gust of wind could send it toppling over.

When to be worried

Before you get yourself in a frenzy, don’t panic: not all tree cavities imply that your tree is at risk of falling. Here are some tell-tale signs that your tree cavity is serious:

  • Cracks and splits
    If there’s more than just a hole in the trunk of your tree, and it’s starting to form cracks and splits, that’s when you should be worried. This is a sign that your tree is lacking structural support and that it could come crashing down during a storm.
  • If the hole is at the bottom of the trunk
    If the cavity in your tree is at the bottom of the trunk, the hole could also be affecting the roots – which is obviously not a good thing.

When not to be worried

There are also a few situations where you usually don’t have to worry about a cavity in your tree:

  • Holes created by animals or fungi
    Holes created by animals or fungi are usually nothing to worry about. As long as the tree is structurally safe, then you shouldn’t be losing sleep over the cavity in it. But how do you know whether the tree is structurally safe or not?

Call up an arborist for a professional inspection

The only way to be truly sure of whether you need to be worried about a hole or cavity in your tree is to call up an arborist and organise an inspection. Some certified arborists like Heritage Tree Surgeons are able to conduct a tree risk assessment, which will determine whether or not that hole is something to be concerned about.

Feeling a bit uneasy about a hole in your tree? Contact the pros at Heritage Tree Surgeons to get a tree risk assessment today. They’re Perth’s #1 team for tree care, offering expertise in large tree removal, stump grinding and removal, pruning and anything else you can think of. Talk to the friendly team at Heritage Tree Surgeons and grab a quote today.