Should I Remove a Tree Close to My Home?

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We all want to be close to nature – it’s why you picked a home in an area that is surrounded by trees. But what about when a tree seems to be getting a little too close to your house? Every day it seems to creep a little closer to your house, and you’re surprised you haven’t woken up one morning to find it making coffee in your kitchen. So, the question is: should it be removed? The first step is to not panic. Instead of worrying about the tree, let’s go through some different problems and their practical solutions.

Could it be damaging your foundation?

Trees have large roots that can spread for metres under the ground. If a tree is too close to your house, it could be affecting your foundation, which is far from ideal. These roots can cause damage to your home’s foundation, causing you some serious strife if not handled promptly. Foundation repair tends to be a costly service; a lot more than tree removal, put it that way. Avoid this situation entirely by getting your intrusive tree inspected by a professional arborist like Heritage Tree Surgeons.

Is it leaning?

Another circumstance in which you should definitely consult an arborist is if your tree is leaning over your home. If the tree’s roots are dead, it will tend to lean – and not stop leaning until it falls. If a tree is hanging over your house, consult Heritage Tree Surgeons immediately. Leaning trees are a massive safety hazard for both you and your home.

Dead or sick trees

Dead or sick trees may also need to be removed if they’re a little too close to your home. The structural integrity of a tree is significantly compromised when it’s dead or dying. This means that if a storm happened, the tree could easily come crashing down on your home – again, a situation that is less than ideal. If you think a tree is sick or dead and is in close proximity to your home, consult the experts at Heritage Tree Surgeons.

Trimming instead of removing

Sometimes, you won’t have to remove the tree entirely and instead you’ll just need to give it a good trim. Your arborist will remove branches that pose a threat to your home and let the tree live peacefully.

The only way to truly determine whether you need to remove a tree that is close to your house is to talk to Perth’s expert arborists at Heritage Tree Solutions. They know exactly when it’s time to remove a tree before it poses a threat to your safety. With over 20 years of experience as arborists, Heritage Tree Solutions are masters of the art, specialising in removal, stump grinding, pruning and hedge trimming. For Perth’s best arborist service, grab a quote from the team at Heritage Tree Solutions today.


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