The Best Low maintenance Trees for your Garden

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If you are planning to remove a tree from your garden – or have recently done so using Heritage Tree Surgeons – you might be wondering how to fill the space. The removal or a tree, whether big or small, could leave a feeling of emptiness in your garden. A new tree could help overcome that by looking visually appealing and providing habitat and food for native wildlife. Trees may also help provide shade in a backyard, provide privacy from neighbours or even help reduce road noise. If you are planning to sell your home anytime soon, trees also help add value to a property. However, some trees require ongoing or long-term maintenance – which could be the last thing you want after just removing another tree.

Here are some of the best low and no-maintenance trees to consider.

Dwarf Lemon Scented Gum

Large gum trees are one of the most common trees removed in Australia. But not all gum trees grow to be an enormous size anymore. The Dwarf Lemon Scented Gum is becoming a popular addition to many gardens, given it grows quickly, is drought tolerant, requires no real maintenance and reaches only around 7 to 8 metres in height. They grow in full sun to part shade and their flowers will attract birds and bees. Their dwarf size makes them great additions to almost any garden.

Acadia Trees

Acadia trees are more commonly known as ‘Wattles’. They are native and are found in large numbers in forests around the country, in the form of about 1000 different species. They can vary from low-growing shrubs to larger bushy trees, ranging from a few metres tall to as much as 30 metres tall, depending on the species. Common species include the Golden Wattle, Cedar Wattle, Blackwood and Black Wattle. Acadia trees can be a great screening option and are very drought tolerant, with little watering required. Many species also look great in the garden, flowering in bright colours in late winter and spring.

Blueberry Ash

An adaptable Australian native, Blueberry Ash are slow-growing and narrow trees. They grow in both warmer and colder climates and can cope with full sun or a little light shade. They flower in spring and summer and then produce blue berries as the weather begins getting cooler once again, which are very much enjoyed by birds. Blueberry Ash trees can grow to between 8 and 15 metres, but only spread around 3 to 4 metres wide.

Lemon and Lime Trees

Why not plant a tree in your backyard which has a dual purpose of providing some citrus for your kitchen? There are a variety of different lemon and lime trees available which can suit different conditions and different spaces. They are an evergreen option which don’t require too much maintenance, with many varieties growing to a nice height of around 3 to 5 metres tall and providing more fruit by the year. The main requirement for them to thrive is good sunlight.

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