Three Essential Tips to Keeping Your Trees Healthy

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Unless a tree is showing signs of poor health beyond repair or is particularly dangerous, it is best not to remove it. Trees look great in the garden and also provide habitat for native wildlife.

While some trees will require little or no maintenance, others may need a little help along the way to stay healthy and safe. Here are three ways you can help ensure your trees thrive for many years to come.

1. Give trees what they need

The three basic things any plant needs to grow and stay healthy are sunlight, water and nutrients.

Plants that are outdoors will automatically get some sunlight, regardless of whether they are planted in full sun or part shade areas. However, it is your job to make sure they get enough water and nutrients. Younger trees need to be watered regularly, particularly in the warmer or drier months, given they will have smaller root systems than larger established trees. More mature trees will generally be able to survive on the moisture found in soil and rain, but may still need some occasional watering, depending on the variety of tree. Younger trees should also be given a fresh helping of fertilizer around them each year, which can be reduced to every two or three years for more mature trees. A great way to help the soil retain water and nutrients is to use mulch around the base of the tree, which acts as a blanket to help limit evaporation from the soil.

2. Protect the tree roots

One of the keys to a healthy tree above ground is having a healthy root system below ground.

The roots deliver water and nutrients from the ground to the tree to help it stay healthy and grow.

Strong roots also help ensure the tree stays standing upright, even in storms or strong winds.

For roots to be healthy, the soil around them needs to have sufficient oxygen and air space. If soil is compacted by things like cars or heavy equipment driving over the roots areas of a tree, the roots can die. Qualified arborists can help diagnose issues with root systems and fix them, to ensure your tree remains as healthy as possible.

3. Trim and prune your tree regularly

Many people do not realise that pruning trees is a vital part of their ongoing maintenance.

Not only can pruning help make your tree look better, it can also help ensure better long-term health of the tree. It is important that dead branches are pruned, in order for new growth of the tree to occur. Pruning can also remove harmful insects and infections and eliminate or reduce fungi or other disease. Where there are dangerous branches or branches that are, or soon will, interfere with a fence or building, it is also important to have these pruned. Pruning and trimming is best left to the professionals, who have the knowledge and equipment to complete work correctly and safely.

Arborists in Perth

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