Got a tree that’s getting too big for its boots? Becoming a hazard on your property? Blocking out the view?

Heritage Tree Surgeon’s tree lopping service is the solution. We’re Perth’s experts in tree lopping and other arboriculture services, carefully reducing the size of your tree while keeping it healthy and strong.

We have over 60 years’ experience as a team in tree lopping. Over that time, we’ve perfected our tree lopping technique to keep trees at manageable sizes while maintaining their health.

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When is tree lopping required?

While other, less invasive practices such as pruning are often recommended, tree lopping is often a necessity. If a tree’s branches become a risk to public health and safety, tree lopping is standard practice. While this can put the health of the tree at risk, we as a society naturally prioritise the health and safety of people, so it’s widely considered a better alternative to ignoring a dangerous tree.

Tree lopping is required when large branches extended over structures like the roof of a home, or when they grow too close to powerlines. If you’re wondering whether or not tree lopping is the solution to a tree on your property, contact Heritage Tree Surgeons for a tree risk assessment.

How tree lopping works

Tree lopping is the removal of large lateral branches from a tree. Rather than let these branches pose a risk to public safety, it’s better to remove them before they cause a serious incident.

Our tree lopping team

Heritage Tree Surgeons was established over 20 years ago by expert arborist Kieron. Still the owner and operator of the business, Kieron has worked in international tree lopping and even has experience in high-risk tree lopping involving the use of cranes and helicopters. From there, the team at Heritage Tree Surgeons formed a small yet versatile formation, hiring specialists in tree lopping and arboriculture.

Our tree lopping services

Our tree lopping services in Perth extend to all kinds of trees in all kinds of areas. Whether you’ve got a large gum tree on your residential property, or an overgrown pine in your council park or schoolground, our tree lopping service is the solution for you.

Our regular clients for tree lopping in Perth

Our high quality tree lopping services have attracted a large client base of high-profile businesses and organisations. With a reputation for excellent in tree lopping, we’ve earned a prestigious client base. Some of our clients include:

  • Councils, such as the Shire of Peppermint Grove, Town of Cottesloe and Mindarie Regional Council.
  • Schools, such as Presbyterian Ladies’ College and Perth College
  • Property management groups, such as Tsokos Property and Abel McGrath Property Group,Chambers Franklyn & so many more!
  • Businesses, such as Perth’s Outback Splash and Wanneroo Botanic Gardens

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Benefits of tree lopping

While tree lopping can have negative impacts when carried out carelessly, our responsible tree lopping services come with major benefits:

  • Increased safety of premises
    Tree lopping is often necessary to prevent serious incidents from occurring. Large branches hanging over roofs or interfering with powerlines can be catastrophic if left unattended. Hiring a professional arborist for tree lopping services eliminates this threat and increases the safety of your premises.
  • Increased property value
    One of the key benefits of tree lopping is increased property value. Tree lopping is something many property owners do before putting their properties on the market, as a property that’s free of hazardous trees can fetch a higher price.
  • Peace of mind
    Don’t let safety concerns plague your mind; allow yourself some peace by hiring an arborist for a tree inspection and potentially tree lopping services. It’s not worth the risk to leave a dangerous tree go unlopped.
  • Disease prevention
    In many cases, tree lopping is the best treatment for a tree that’s sick or infested. Stopping the spread of this disease or infestation is crucial to maintaining a healthy local environment, preventing other trees from becoming sick or infested.
  • A cost-effective solution
    Tree lopping may have a higher upfront cost than doing nothing and letting a tree go unlopped, but when compared with the potential outcome of property damage or injury, it’s clearly better to pay for lopping!

Heritage Tree Surgeons are Perth’s #1 team in tree removal and tree lopping services. Make the most of our 60+ years of experience in tree lopping when you call up our professional arborists. Specialising in tree care, we’re also fully equipped to handle stump grinding, stump removal, pruning, hedging, mulching, root management, risk assessment and more. Our services come at affordable rates, guaranteeing the best tree lopping service in town at a competitive price.

Give us a call to grab a quick, no-obligation and free quote, and lock in your tree lopping with the team at Heritage Tree Surgeons today.

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