Got a tree that’s spoiling the landscape? What about one that’s posing a threat to your home or personal safety? Or a tree that’s diseased or infested? 

There’s only one solid solution for each of these situations: tree removal by a professional arborist at Heritage Tree Surgeons. As Perth’s team of choice in tree removal, we clear your home or business of unwanted, unsafe trees. 

No matter how big or small, our team of specialist arborists will set to work removing that tree from your property.

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Tree removal with Heritage Tree Surgeons

We are one of Perth’s most experienced teams in tree removal. For over 20 years, we’ve operated as a team in arboriculture, boasting a combined team experience of over 60 years. From working internationally to carrying out high-risk tree removal using helicopters and cranes, our team have removed trees in pretty much any way you can imagine!

Some of our most common tree removal jobs in Perth include:

Comprehensive range of services offered

While tree removal is a big part of what we do, Heritage Tree Surgeons are a full-service arboriculture team, offering:

  • Pruning
  • Hedging
  • Tree removals & Stump grinding
  • Mulching
  • Root management
  • Nutrition and fertilisation
  • Pest and disease control
  • Installing wildlife habitats
  • Tree support systems

Our regular clients for tree removal Perth

With 60+ years of tree removals/lopping & safety pruning in Perth, Heritage Tree Surgeons have steadily built a large client base of high-profile businesses and organisations. We’ve established a reputation for excellence in tree services, which is how we’ve earned a prestigious client base. Some of our clients include:

  • Councils, such as the Shire of Peppermint Grove, Town of Cottesloe and Mindarie Regional Council.
  • Schools, such as Presbyterian Ladies’ College and Perth College
  • Property management groups, such as Tsokos Property, Edison McGrath Property Group, Chambers Franklyn & so many more!
  • Businesses, such as Perth’s Outback Splash and Wanneroo Botanic Gardens, & so many more!

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Why choose Heritage Tree Surgeons for tree removal?

We strive to be the best tree removal service in Perth. Every day, we try to achieve this through hard work and delivering great customer service. Here are just some of the reasons to choose our tree removal service:

  • 60+ years’ experience
    We’ve got 60+ years of tree removal experience between us. That equates to well over 500,000 hours in tree removal and arborist services! There’s nothing we haven’t seen in our time as arborists.
  • Quality tree removal services
    We’re all about quality over quantity. We’re a small team of arborists who are some of the best in Perth, reflected in our 5.0 star average review rating on Google Reviews.
  • Trained in safety
    Our arborists use state-of-the-art tree removal equipment, using the safest practices each and every time. We protect your personal safety and property by conducting safe and measured tree removal.
  • Emergency tree removal
    Our arborists are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergency tree removal. Whatever the situation, our experts can handle emergency tree removal at any given time.
  • Fully insured
    Uninsured ‘cowboy’ tree removalists are rare, but they’re out there. Heritage Tree Surgeons are an established team in tree removal and are fully insured and licenced to carry out the services we offer. 
  • Competitive rates
    Our motto is simple: we deliver high-quality tree removal at fair prices. Our rates are competitive and our services are the best in Perth. Give us a call on 0418 717 955 for a quick, no-obligation free quote.

Benefits of tree removal in Perth

Removing trees from your Perth property is often a necessity. Here are some of the advantages of hiring a professional in tree removal:

  • Safer environment
    We all want our property to be as safe as possible, but some trees interfere with our safety. Trees can come crashing down during a storm, damaging property or, worse, causing injuries. Hiring a professional arborist for tree removal is essential if you’ve got trees in high-risk areas – e.g. above your roof.
  • Landscaping
    Tree removal is also a huge part of landscaping. If you’ve got landscaping plans, we’d be delighted to work alongside you to make them happen.
  • Increased property value
    Want to increase your views or remove hazardous trees as a way to boost curb appeal? Our tree removal service is perfect for increasing home value.
  • Peace of mind
    A hazardous tree can prove to be a huge weight on your shoulders. Tree removal services eliminate that weight, allowing you peace of mind.
  • Disease prevention
    In many cases, tree removal is the best cure for a tree that’s sick or infested. Stopping the spread of this disease or infestation is crucial to maintain a healthy local environment, preventing other trees from becoming sick or infested.

Need tree removal? You need Heritage Tree Surgeons. We’re Perth’s first choice arborist team in tree removal and tree lopping services. Make the most of our 60+ years of experience in tree removal when you call up our professional arborists. Specialising in tree removal, we’re also fully equipped to handle stump grinding, stump removal, pruning, hedging, mulching, root management, risk assessment and more.

Give us a call to grab a quick, no-obligation and free quote, and lock in your tree removal with the team at Heritage Tree Surgeons today.

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