Tree Stump Removal Perth

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You’ve worked hard to bring your garden to life, so why leave something in your garden when it’s not living? Tree stumps are always an eyesore, spoiling an otherwise picturesque garden. They also can also have detrimental effects on your home, as their roots can lift pavement and crack water pipes. Let’s go through some of the main reasons why that tree stump on your property has got to go, and why you should leave it to Perth’s experts at Heritage Tree Surgeons.

Reasons to remove tree stumps

  • Potential home damage – while they don’t look like much on the surface, below the ground, the large roots of tree stumps continue to wiggle around in the soil. This can lead to cracked and burst water pipes or damaged pavement – a sign that your tree stump will often get the last laugh if not removed promptly.
  • They’re an eyesore – in most cases, tree stumps ruin the carefully pruned garden on which you’ve worked so hard. Your flower bed looks absolutely immaculate, but what’s the point if there’s a dead lump of wood jutting out in the middle of it? When you remove that old tree stump, you can start planning how to add the finishing touches to your garden.
  • They take up space – if you’re planning on expanding your home, such as building a granny flat or an extension, then you’ll want to be removing that tree stump. It’s going to be impossible to work on the block if it’s still there.
  • They’re dangerous – let’s not ignore the fact that tree stumps are a serious hazard. Tripping over them when they’re hidden by grass and weeds is a common way to sustain minor injuries.

Heritage Tree Surgeons

Heritage Tree Surgeons are your first-choice team of tree stump removal experts in Perth. Their services include:

  • Tree stump removal – no matter the size of your tree stump, Heritage Tree Surgeons will be able to remove it properly and safely, making it seem like it was never there at all.
  • Tree removal – got a dead, sick or leaning tree that needs removing? The team at Heritage can help you out.
  • Pruning – if you need a few branches clipped back to ensure extra safety, they can take care of that too.
  • Hedge trimming – keeping your hedge in tip-top shape is a speciality for the team at Heritage Tree Solutions.

The verdict is in: that tree stump needs to be taken care of, once and for all. Don’t live life worrying about the detrimental effects of a tree stump on your property; simply call the team at Heritage Tree Solutions. With over 20 years of experience in arboriculture, they’ve handled many tree stump removals in Perth and will be sure to handle yours. For a quality, affordable service, get in touch with Heritage Tree Surgeons and grab a quote today.


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