What Does an Arborist Do

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Arborists – also known as ‘tree surgeons’ or ‘tree doctors’ – are trained professionals in arboriculture who have studied the art and science of planting, caring for, maintaining and diagnosing issues with all types of trees, shrubs and other woody plant life. To be an arborist in Australia, you must complete Level 3 qualifications in horticulture or arboriculture, while you also need to keep up your skills with practical experience. Arborists are specifically trained to follow best industry practice in the ongoing maintenance of and removal of trees, giving consideration to things like the local area and ecosystem. Not all workers in the tree industry are arborists, with foresters and loggers having very different job descriptions. Professional arborists do remove trees – but that is only one part of their job and often a last resort.

Job description of an arborist

Unlike many other tree industry workers, arborists often try to maintain healthy trees. This can come in the form of pruning or trimming trees, controlling root management or ensuring trees are receiving the correct nutrition and fertilisation. While anyone may be able to grab a chainsaw and cut some branches or limbs from a tree, only a trained arborist has the knowledge, experience and tools to safely and properly complete such work. Having an arborist complete pruning or trimming or trees will help ensure the long-term health, stability and safety or a tree. Arborists are also trained to diagnose unhealthy trees, including those that are experiencing disease, nutritional problems or other plant structure issues.

Services that arborists provide

Arborists can conduct a wide range of tree-related services, including:

  • Tree Evaluations – An arborist can assess the risks of a tree if there are concerns over tree safety or tree health. Heritage Tree Surgeons owner/operator Kieron is a licenced tree risk assessor with expertise in this area.
  • Tree Removal – Where the removal of a tree is required, an arborist can safely and efficiently remove it, including large trees and dangerous trees. For arborists, this is generally a last resort, but can be necessary in cases where trees have sustained damage or pose a major risk to property or life.
  • Stump Grinding – In many cases where a tree is removed, it is preferable to also remove the stump that is left behind. Arborists can grind down these unsightly or hazardous stumps to a standard 300mm below ground level. Complete stump removal and root chasing is also available.
  • Tree Pruning – Pruning can be often be necessary to remove dead wood or dangerous limbs. Arborists can complete this work correctly to arboriculture standards, as well as safely.
  • Tree Health – A qualified arborist will be able to offer advice on appropriate treatments if your trees are showing signs of poor health, including where nutrition and fertilization may be required.
  • Root Management – Sometimes the roots of trees can disrupt paths, buildings and other structures. Arborists can provide root pruning and root barriers to control growth and prevent further damage, while maintaining the health of the trees.
  • Hedging and Trimming – Hedges look great but require regular trimming. Arborists can help you tidy, prune or reshape your hedges.

Best arborists in Perth

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