What is the Best Time of Year to Remove Trees?

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Being surrounded by green, leafy trees is a desire that most of us have. But what happens when a tree becomes more trouble than it’s worth? Trees can become overgrown, or they can die, and both situations present hazards. If a tree becomes a serious problem, you’ll have to get it removed as soon as possible so that you minimise the risk of property damage or injury.

In terms of removing trees that present possible hazards, let’s take a look at the best time to get them removed. In this post, we discuss different scenarios and the ideal times of year for tree removal.

Tree removal before winter

Winter is the season where we can experience high winds and strong storms, causing many trees to come crashing down. This is a serious threat, and we want to avoid this from happening at all costs. Prevention is better than the cure, as it’s commonly said, and removing potentially hazardous trees during autumn is the best way to eliminate the threat before stormy season hits.

Trees that are dead, or have large dead branches, are more susceptible to causing damage during winter too. These trees are easier to be torn down by a storm, presenting a major hazard for property owners. Remove your dead trees in autumn so that you’re all set for winter.

Tree removal before summer

We have it lucky in Australia, don’t we? Not only are winter storms a threat, but summer storms are equally hazardous if you have large trees on your property. Summer storms come with the added threat of lightning strikes, causing fires to ignite on dry grass and tree branches. Calling a professional arborist to remove these trees before summer starts is a wise move, protecting your property and loved ones from the devastating effects of a potential summer fire.

Trees with dead roots

Trees that are leaning over due to dead roots are, in some cases, an emergency. They need to be taken care of as soon as possible so that they don’t come crashing down at any given moment. When roots die, the structural integrity of the tree is severely compromised as they keep the tree standing tall and strong. Don’t wait to get a tree inspected by an arborist if you think it may have dying roots. Call up a professional immediately.

If you’ve got a tree that’s causing you grief, don’t hesitate to contact Heritage Tree Surgeons today. Their friendly and professional service will oversee the removal of your hazardous trees at any time of the year. Priding themselves on a minimal-footprint work ethic, they’ll remove the tree and make it look as if it was never there at all. Give Perth’s expert team of arborists at Heritage Tree Surgeons a buzz today and make the move towards a safer backyard or front yard.

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