What Time of Year Should Trees Be Cut Down?

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Everybody loves trees but, occasionally, they can present pretty big safety hazards. Dead trees, sick trees, leaning trees or storm-damaged trees are all potential safety threats and need to be cut down. So, if you’ve got a tree that you think needs cutting down, you might be wondering: when is the best time to do it? That’s a great question and you’ve come to the right place. In general, winter is the best time to cut down dead or sick trees. In this post, we’ll find out why.

Storms can present an extra hazard

Winter, or just before winter, is the best time to take care of trees that could potentially jeopardise your safety. Winter storms, with high wind speeds and heavy rainfall, are known for taking down trees and anything in their way. Power lines are commonly damaged during winter storms due to an overgrown tree that hasn’t been trimmed or removed entirely. It’s advised that, if you have a tree that’s dead or leaning, you talk to a professional arborist before storm season begins.

Nutrients distribution

Another reason why winter is a great time to cut down dead trees is the fact it helps other plants receive proper nutrients. When a tree is dead, it no longer grows and this can prevent surrounding plants to receive the nutrients they need in spring and summer. Removing a dead tree or tree stump from your property during winter ensures that, by the time spring comes, the surrounding trees will get plenty of nutrients.

Prepare for replanting

It also means that you’ll have plenty of time to prepare the soil for replanting at the start of spring. The sooner it’s removed, the sooner you’ll be able to shape the area, prep the soil and plant another beautiful tree.

When a tree should be removed, regardless of the season

In many instances, you shouldn’t wait around until winter for your tree to be removed. Trees that have started leaning, for example, should be removed as soon as possible. This could be a sign that the roots have weakened, failing to keep the tree upright. It goes without saying that a leaning tree could cause major damage to your home and, more importantly, compromise the safety of you or a family member. If you’ve got a leaning tree or a storm-damaged tree, call up a team of professionals like Heritage Tree Surgeons immediately.

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