What’s Included In A Tree Removal Cost?

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When it comes to removing a tree, we often don’t have a choice. Even if we’d like to keep our tree, they could be a hazard, they could be dying, or they could be causing damage to our house. So, although tree removal is one of those inevitable costs, we still want to get the best value for money from a professional service. Here’s what should always be included in the cost of tree removal:

Safety measures

Arborists might need to use increased safety measures in order to remove a tree. These include equipment like harnesses, ropes and other mechanisms which support the arborist and the tree while it’s being cut down. The equipment used should always be included in the quote, and never added on later as a cheeky little surprise for the client. Check with your arborist whether safety equipment is included in the final quote – this is always the case at Heritage Tree Surgeons.


Your arborist must have insurance to remove a tree from your property. A quote from an arborist which is suspiciously cheap should send a few questions through your mind: why are they so cheap and are they cutting any corners, such as insurance?

Removal of the tree from your premises

OK, so the tree has been cut down… what now? We’re guessing you don’t want to leave it lying there forever. The removal of the tree from your property should also be included in the cost of an arborist’s service. Otherwise, it’d be quite the stich up to pay for tree felling, and have to pay extra to get it chopped up and removed from your property.

Basic clean-up, with minimal footprint

There might be leaves, bark and other debris scattered among your backyard and an arborist should always do a basic clean up, making it look as though they were never there. We’re not saying they should rake your lawn and empty your green bin, but they should try to minimise their footprint like the team at Heritage Tree Surgeons.

NOT included in a tree removal service:

  • Stump grinding

    Stump removal is often a big task and costs extra. Stumps should be ground to 300mm below ground level, unless total root removal is necessary – in which case the cost will also be increased due to the time-consuming task.
  • Tree pruning
    Tree pruning is a separate service to tree removal, but any good arborist should be able to cater to your tree pruning needs along with tree felling.

Heritage Tree Surgeons should be the first team you call when you need a tree removed. Their transparent pricing policy and open communication with clients is part of their A-grade service, telling you exactly what is and isn’t included in their costs. Grab a quote from Heritage Tree Surgeons and give that pesky tree the chop!