What’s The Difference Between Stump Grinding And Stump Removal?

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If you’ve got a stump in the backyard and it’s sticking out like a sore thumb, it’s probably time you took care of it. You’ve got a couple of options here: stump grinding or stump removal. The question you’re about to ask next is something that gets asked a lot: what’s the difference between them? In this post, we’ll give you the lowdown on the differences between stump grinding and stump removal… and nope, neither have anything to do with cricket.

Stump grinding

Stump grinding is the quickest and easiest way of getting rid of an ugly or impractical stump in your backyard. In this method, your arborist will use a stump grinding machine to gnaw away at the stump, turning it into bark chips. The standard service is to grind 300mm below ground level so that you can fill the hole with soil and cover it with grass.

Benefits of stump grinding

  • Simple method of getting rid of the stump
    Stump grinding is a lot less complicated and time-consuming than removing the stump altogether and, in most cases, grinding the stump will give you the flexibility you need to perfect your garden or front yard.
  • Cost effective
    With less time consumed and less fuss, stump grinding is also the more cost-effective option of getting rid of that stump.

Stump removal

Stump removal is a little more complex. Instead of grinding the stump down below ground level, stump removal involves the total removal of the stump and the roots too. You’re left without the tree or any of its foundation.

Benefits of stump removal

  • Gives you more options for landscaping
    Stump removal is a clean slate in terms of landscaping. You can plant another tree where the old stump used to be, or you can choose to do something entirely different with your garden – where stump grinding doesn’t give you that option.
  • No chance of root interference
    Roots can still spread under the ground, even when the tree is cut down. If you’re worried about roots in close proximity to your home and their effect on pipes and foundation, then you should consult an arborist about stump removal.

Why remove or grind the stump?

There are many reasons to get rid of the stump in your yard:

  • They present a hazard for tripping and falling
  • They can be ugly
  • They ruin the landscape
  • They get in the way of building an extension or another landscaping project

Heritage Tree Surgeons are Perth’s experts in stump grinding and removal. They offer both options and carry out each service to the highest degree of diligence. Grab a quote from the guys at Heritage Tree Surgeons and kiss that stump goodbye.