When Is The Best Time Of Year To Get Tree Work Done?

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Some things in life are all about timing: making the perfect pass to your teammate so they have a clear shot at goal; putting the kettle on so that it boils at the same time your toast is ready; asking your boss for a raise when they’re in a good mood.

All of these things revolve around great timing – and tree maintenance is no different. While trees can be pruned, maintained or removed all year round, there are a couple of advantages to getting your timing right when conducting tree work. Here’s what the experts at Heritage Tree Surgeons have to say.

Hire an arborist at the start of winter

The start of winter is generally the best time to get any tree work done. This is because autumn has just passed and your trees are dormant – the leaves have already fallen off and there’s less work to do in terms of cleaning up after pruning or tree removal. There are many reasons to get tree work done at the start of winter:

Less mess

By early winter, your trees have shed their leaves, and they’ll remain dormant for the next few months until spring comes around. This means that tree pruning and removal is a lot less messy during this period, with no leaves to rake up after the work has been conducted. This is awesome for you in two ways: you won’t have to worry about leaf litter, and you’ll be charged less because the job proved to be easier. Most arborists charge extra for clean-up services.

Increases safety

Having your trees pruned down or removed during winter is a smart move for the safety of your property. With winter comes stormy season – and if there are a couple of hazardous trees on your property, you’ll want to have them maintained or removed before they come crashing down on your roof.

Should you always wait for winter to come around?

There are certain cases when you shouldn’t wait another second before calling up your arborist. Some trees need to be urgently removed. Leaning trees or sick trees could be at serious risk of toppling over – if their roots are dead, then there’s nothing holding them in the ground, meaning they’re structurally compromised.

What to do in emergency tree cases

If you suspect you’ve got a tree that fits this description, call up the team at Heritage Tree Surgeons right away. They specialise in emergency tree removal, keeping you, your family, your neighbours and your property safe.

For everything to do with tree maintenance, you need Heritage Tree Surgeons. Catering for all types of tree problems, Heritage Tree Surgeons offer expertise in large tree removal, stump grinding and removal, pruning and anything else you can think of. Grab a quote from the specialists at Heritage Tree Surgeons.