When Should You Remove A Tree From Your Garden?

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Leaves flooding your swimming pool every day. Sap leaking all over your home and your car. The constant worry of a tree that looks like even the faintest breeze could send it toppling onto your house. All of these are major indicators that it’s time for a tree to be removed from your garden. Let’s discuss a few main reasons to give that tree the chop, with expert knowledge provided by the local specialists at Heritage Tree Surgeons.

The tree is posing a risk

Safety is the biggest concern when deciding to remove a tree from your garden. Trees can pose a threat to safety in many different ways:

  • Dead roots – if a large tree like a gum or pine has dying roots, it has a high risk of falling over. Healthy roots give stability to the tree, and dead roots compromise this stability.
  • Overgrown trees – trees that have grown too large may be affecting powerlines or growing directly over your home. If a storm were to occur, the results could be highly dangerous.
  • Cracks in the trunk – another way that trees can pose a threat is if they have cracks in their trunk, compromising stability.

The tree is dead or dying

Dead or dying trees are not only an eyesore, but they no longer provide a service to the environment either. Removing a dead or dying tree from your garden creates a space to plant a new tree: one that will provide a service to the environment by converting carbon dioxide into oxygen.

The tree is creating litter

Trees are expected to shed leaves, but when they’re an ongoing source of extra work and stress, they become more trouble than they’re worth. Trees that grow over pools in your backyard are often the most hassle, constantly dropping leaves into the pool. Trees that leak sap are another problem – especially if the sap falls on your car, eating away at the paint. Removing these trees from your garden will save you work, money and stress.

The roots are damaging your home

Roots of large trees can cause severe damage to the structure of your home if they’re in close proximity to it. They can damage water pipes and cause cracking in the foundation, resulting in shifting walls and a dizzying repair bill. If you’re concerned about a tree’s roots damaging your property, get it inspected by an arborist.

These are just some of the reasons to remove a tree in your garden, so don’t hesitate to contact Heritage Tree Surgeons today. Their friendly and professional service will oversee the removal of your hazardous trees in no time. Priding themselves on a minimal-footprint work ethic, they’ll remove the tree and make it look as if it was never there at all. Give Perth’s expert team of arborists at Heritage Tree Surgeons a buzz today and make the move towards a safer backyard or front yard.