Why Should I Hire An Arborist

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Let’s say you’ve got a burst waterpipe: you don’t contemplate calling a plumber – you just do it. Or, let’s say someone is having a medical episode: you don’t consider calling an ambulance – you simply call one.

Hiring an arborist is kind of similar. While the reasons may not be as urgent as a burst waterpipe or a medical emergency, you should still call an arborist sooner rather than later if you truly want to be on the safe side. Here are just a few reasons why you should hire an arborist – or, specifically, the pros at Heritage Tree Surgeons.

You’re concerned about safety

One of the main reasons why people hire arborists is to inspect and remove a tree that’s a clear safety concern. If a large pine or gumtree is hanging over your roof, then there’s absolutely no harm in calling up an arborist to inspect the situation; in fact, the only harm lies in failing to do this.

Even a minor branch of a pine or gum could cause significant damage to your roof it were to fall during a storm. Not only could it cause damage to your home but, even worse, there’s the possibility of seriously injuring you or a family member. Don’t put your family at risk – hire an arborist!

You want to beautify your home

Trees can be incredibly beautiful… or, they can be a total eyesore. If there’s a tree that blocks the view from your bedroom window, or blocks you from seeing your home’s beautiful façade from the street, then hiring an arborist is the way to go. It makes your home look so much better and it also increases curb appeal.

Given the extra value added to your home when you make it look prettier, hiring an arborist almost always pays itself off. It’s like any other type of renovation: it comes with an upfront cost, but increases home value so you never lose money.

You need to remove a stump

Stumps are ugly, inconvenient and a safety hazard. Stumps have been the vanquisher of many a lawn mower, and the reason for many a hospital visit; it’s common for homeowners to trip over tree stumps and break or sprain something. If you don’t want to be limping around for a number of weeks, it’s best to call up an arborist and take care of the stump, once and for all.

Need the best arborist in Perth? Heritage Tree Surgeons are at your service. Catering for all types of tree problems, Heritage Tree Surgeons offer expertise in large tree removal, stump grinding and removal, pruning and anything else you can think of. Grab a quote from the specialists at Heritage Tree Surgeons and give that tree the flick today!