Why Should You Choose A Professional Tree Removal Service?

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Doing things on your own is often a rewarding feeling: fixing a part on your car, patching a hole in the wall, making a piece of furniture… all of these tasks can be safely done if you know what you’re doing.

But for other tasks, you should always choose a professional service. Tree removal is one of them. There are a range of reasons why tree removal should only be done by a professional arborist and we’ll explain them in this article.

It’s unsafe to attempt it yourself

Cutting down a tree isn’t safe to do on your own. It involves heights, chainsaws and falling objects – a deadly combination if you go about tree felling the wrong way. There are specific techniques and equipment used to remove trees and, if you don’t have the training or equipment, it’s simply unsafe to do it yourself.

It’s harder than it looks

A lot of the time, tree removal isn’t as easy as grabbing your chainsaw and cutting down a tree from the stump. Think about when you’ve seen arborists on ropes, 10 or 15 metres high, holding chainsaws and cutting down massive gumtrees from the top. You wouldn’t be silly enough to ever try that by yourself, would you?

Professional arborists offer a full-scale service

Even if you manage to chop a tree down on your own, where do you go from there? You’ve got a stonking big tree on your property and a huge stump in the ground too. While you may be stuck chopping up firewood for a few days, a professional arborist is able to take care of the whole thing. Stump grinding and removal of the tree from your property are two services that arborists are more than happy to help out with.

Professionals are insured

If you cut down a tree and something goes wrong, chances are, you won’t be covered for it. The consequences of this can be devastating if you or your neighbour’s property is damaged or, worse, somebody is injured. Professional tree removal services will make sure that everything goes to plan and are totally insured.

They take care of wildlife too

If you’re cutting down a tree which is home to some native birds and possums, then you’ll be wanting to plan a new home for them before the tree is removed. Arborists can create wildlife habitats in nearby trees so that your feathered and furry friends aren’t affected by the tree removal.

Always choose a qualified team of arborists to remove a tree on your property. Heritage Tree Surgeons are Perth’s go-to team for tree removal, stump grinding, pruning, habitat creation and more. They offer a full-scale tree removal service that will make it seem as though the tree never existed in the first place. Call them up for a quote today.